How We're Different

Client communication is our key to success. We do the "heavy lifting" for you, when you file a claim. We represent you in court, we negotiate with insurance companies, we defend you against your employers' attorneys. We fight for you at every level.

There is never any charge for consultations.

You will be given an appointment for a personal, face to face interview with the attorney who will represent you in court. You will be encouraged to discuss ALL of your injuries, complaints, concerns and expectations. Your attorney will discuss your rights, under California Law, including other legal actions which you may want to consider. You will be allowed to ask any questions you may have about your case. Your understanding is important.

What To Expect


This is a small focused law firm, where you get personal, individual attention to your Workers' Compensation case.


You will never get "lost in the shuffle", as so often happens in big impersonal law offices.


We provide you with knowledgable representation, from an attorney with many years of experience.


We also provide polite, user-friendly-client contact from a courteous staff of professionals.

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