Who We Are

Welcome to the Gray Law Firm, proudly representing injured workers across the central valley. Focused primarily on workers compensation, The Gray Law Firm has 18 years of experience in this important area of practice. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality legal representation and to maximizing their lawful compensation, provided under California law.

Legal Representation for Injured Workers

The Gray Law Firm provides experienced, legal representation for Applicants who have been injured in the work place. We will represent you for all aspects of your workers' comp. claim, including filing all your legal paper work, dealing with insurance companies, claims examiners (and their attorneys) doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and other health care providers. We are a full service Applicant's law firm.

Free Consultation

There is never a question of attorneys fees when you come in for a consult at our law firm. You never pay anything for your representation "out of pocket". All consultations are free of charge. The only payment you will ever make is when the case is settled in your favor, and then, it will be 15% of your Award. That means if we don't win your case, we don't get paid.

Experienced Legal Counsel for Difficult Work Place Problems

The managing attorney at this law firm, Randall M. Gray, Esq., has been litigating Workers' Compensation cases in California for 17 years. Mr. Gray has litigated cases, both as an Applicants attorney and a Defense attorney. So, he knows Workers Comp litigation from both sides. The chief paralegal at the Gray Law Firm, Maria Estrada, has had 12 years experience in Workers' Comp litigation. We handle all kinds of Workers' Comp cases, including death cases, psyche cases, sexual harassment, multiple injury cases, traumatic brain injury cases, the list goes on. We also handle Serious & Willful cases and Labor Code § 132(a) Discrimination cases.

Personal, Direct Communication with an Attorney

All new clients receive a personal, face-to-face, direct interview with an experienced attorney to discuss their case, in great detail. This appointment, along with all subsequent appointments is free of charge. There are no "out of pocket" expenses.

Legal Advice for Other Injuries

Quite often, injured workers come in who have work place injuries AND other non-work related injuries, as well. This often happens with cumulative trauma injuries, motor vehicle accidents and third party causation cases. This office will handle your Workers' Comp matters but will also help you retain competent, reliable legal council to assist with other legal matters.

Se Habla Español

Un hablante con fluidez en español siempre estará disponible.

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