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Roundup Lawsuit 2019

Find news about the latest Roundup lawsuit 2019 when you visit Your Case Worth and explore our free online resources. If you’re thinking about filing a case against Monsanto regarding their toxic product, Roundup, you’ll find we are strong consumer advocates who can assess the worth of your case and help your case move forward through the legal system. If you’ve suffered harm from Roundup exposure, you deserve fair compensation- many victims are currently receiving monetary awards in excess of one million dollars- often, much higher.

Is There a Statute of Limitations to File Against Monsanto?

The federal justice system has lifted the statute of limitations to allow all past victims of Roundup exposure to have their day in court. That means regardless of how long ago you or your loved one used Roundup, there is a potential to receive a payout from Monsanto. Most victims choose to add their claim to a class-action lawsuit to speed up the process to allow judges to make one ruling over many similar cases. Class-action suits typically bring faster payouts and more consistent results in court. You can find out more about filing when you send your case details to our team at Your Case Worth.

Can I Win Against Monsanto?

There was a time when Monsanto was considered untouchable, but that day is over. As more and more judges rule in favor of Roundup victims, it’s clear that the tables have turned on Monsanto and they are finally facing their day in court. One of Monsanto’s tactics was to strongarm farmers and force them into bankruptcy if they dared to question the safety or value of the company’s products. Unfortunately, many hard-working families lost their farms to Monsanto as the company’s strength, and corruption, grew. Your Case Worth can make sure your voice is heard in court- together, we can force Monsanto to pay for the harm they’ve caused.

What is My Monsanto Case Worth?

It’s estimated that Monsanto has enough money in its holdings to compensate every Roundup victim more than $1 Million. Getting involved in an upcoming class-action Roundup lawsuit 2019 is the fastest and easiest way to move your case through the legal system. We can help at Your Case Worth- reach out to one of our Roundup experts for more information about Roundup, upcoming suits, and our services. You’ll also find information on our website when you click the ‘News’ link.

Monsanto’s Negligent & Criminal Acts

Although Monsanto is guilty of more than a dozen acts, both negligent and intentional, they are currently paying out to victims for exposure to Roundup’s toxic ingredient, Glyphosate, which causes cancer through repeated exposure. When victims band together by filing jointly, they send a strong message, not just to the corporation being sued, but also to companies looking on, to take note that consumers will not tolerate this kind of behavior from product manufacturers. You deserve compensation for the harm you’ve suffered- contact us regarding Roundup lawsuit 2019 information.

Roundup Lawsuit 2019