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Randall M. Gray

Mr. Gray is an experienced attorney in excellent standing with the California State Bar, SBN # 201390.   He is a U.S. Navy veteran (Vietnam-era Navy medic).  Happily married with two daughters.  Hobbies are Fresno State football, Oakland Raiders football, golf, hunting, fishing, travel (29 countries and counting…) and history.

Bachelor of Science (summa cum laude) from Abilene Christian University, Abilene, Texas (Journalism). Juris Doctor from University of Southern California Law School, in Los Angeles, California (merit scholarship).


Mr. Gray is in his eighteenth year of  practice in California Workers Compensation Law.  He has represented both defendants and applicants during that period.  He is now in his tenth year of private practice in the Central California area.

Mr. Gray  currently appears at ten, or twelve different WCAB jurisdictions, including Fresno, Bakersfield,   Stockton,   Salinas,   San Francisco,   San Luis Obispo,   Long Beach, Van Nuys,   San Jose,  and  Sacramento.  Interestingly, he also conducted a two-day trial in Bishop (an adjunct of the San Bernardino court!  He knows the judges at most of these courts quite well, because of so many appearances over the years.

Mr. Gray has  tried a LOT of cases.  He has taken many cases up on Reconsideration and has filed multiple Writs of Appeal with the 5th District Court of Appeal.  He has worked pretty much every type of Workers’ Comp case, including death cases, fraud cases, psyche cases (of course), uninsured employer cases, stroke cases, back cases (tons of these), gunshot cases, MVA cases, Labor Code §132(a)  cases, Serious & Willful cases, subrogation cases, asbestos cases, etc., etc.

Mr. Gray has settled a lot of cases, as well, working with claims examiners from several (perhaps forty) insurance companies and Third Party Administrators, through the years.

He has taken 800 - 900 depositions, and enjoys that, very much.  He has interviewed hundreds of trial witnesses.  He has reviewed several miles of sub rosa video tapes prepared by private investigators.  As you can see, very experienced, indeed.

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